Thin Eyebrow Before
This is the client’s eyebrow appearance before we began the PhiBrows application.
Eyebrow During Phibrow Application
The position of the client’s facial features and existing brow helped us determine the best brow shape.
Eyebrow After
As you can see, our PhiBrows Microblading services made a big difference.

Thin Brows Look Full Again

A client came to me with thinning, patchy, barely visible eyebrows. She left with eyebrows she didn’t think were possible and was very happy with the results that were achieved.

Brow Hair Loss
The client’s brow hair loss left her with only a tiny patch of wispy brow hair.
Brow Hair Replacement
As you can see, brow “hair” replacement makes an incredible difference.

Help for Virtually Non-Existent Brows

This client’s eyebrows had virtually disappeared with age. She was concerned that because she had so little eyebrow hairs and shape, that she might not be able to expect the kind of results she truly hoped for.

Microblading Before
This is the shape of the client’s brow before PhiBrows Microblading.
Microblading After
We restored the client’s brow arch and shape.

Microblading Gives Brows Definition

Our client’s eyebrows had decent thickness, but were showing signs of the normal loss of eyebrow definition that comes with aging. Our PhiBrows Microblading process visually corrected the shape of her brows.

During Phibrows Microblading
Here you can see the guidelines for her brows, based on facial composition.
Before Phibrows Microblading
This is what the client’s eyebrows looked like before Phibrows Microblading.
After Phibrows Microblading
This is what the client’s eyebrows looked like after our precision Phibrows Microblading services.

Brows Filled In and Corrected

A client came to us because the outer portion of her eyebrows were thinning while the inner portion remained thick. Her brows lacked definition. Our precision PhiBrows Microblading dramatically improved the appearance of her brows.