Brows Filled In and Corrected

During Phibrows Microblading
Here you can see the guidelines for her brows, based on facial composition.
Before Phibrows Microblading
This is what the client’s eyebrows looked like before Phibrows Microblading.
After Phibrows Microblading
This is what the client’s eyebrows looked like after our precision Phibrows Microblading services.

Thinning, Misshapen Brows

A client came to us because the outer portion of her eyebrows were thinning while the inner portion remained thick. Her brows lacked definition.

Our PhiBrows Application Process

First, we sterilized the work area and used the proportions of her facial features to determine where her brows should start and end, marking the guidelines with a special pencil. Then, we mixed an organic pigment to match her current brow color and set to work creating ultra-thin “hair” strokes with a micro blade. After adding several layers to fill in patchy areas and correct the shape, we removed any excess pigment.

We gave the client instructions for care and a special cream to apply during the first few days of the healing process. We also scheduled her follow-up session, a standard procedure for all our clients, to correct any irregularities in color or strokes.

To learn more, visit our PhiBrows Microblading page.

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