Help for Virtually Non-Existent Brows

Brow Hair Loss
The client’s brow hair loss left her with only a tiny patch of wispy brow hair.
Brow Hair Replacement
As you can see, brow “hair” replacement makes an incredible difference.

Severe Brow Hair Loss

This client’s eyebrows had virtually disappeared with age.

The Phibrows Process

This client came to me concerned that because she had so little eyebrow hairs and shape, that she might not be able to expect the kind of results she truly hoped for. However, as a highly trained, skilled, and experienced brow artist, I was able to achieve excellent results. I cleaned the work area, mapped guidelines for brow placement, and then performed the microblading process using professionally matched and blended pigments. The client was very pleased with her brow “hair” replacement.

I gave the client instructions for care and a special cream to apply during the first few days of the healing process. I also scheduled her follow-up session, a standard procedure for all my clients, to correct any irregularities in color or strokes.

To learn more, visit my Phibrows Microblading page.

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