Natural-Looking Upgrade for Thin, Faded Brows

Guidelines based on facial features ensure proper application.
Notice the dramatic difference! Her eyebrows look fantastic.

Thin, Faded Brows

Frustrated with thin, faded brows, a client came to me hoping I could give her brows some definition and increase their visibility.

PhiBrows Microblading

As with every job, my first step was to clean and sterilize the work area, from the client’s brows and eyelids to her forehead. I measured and mapped her facial features in preparation, to ensure the most accurate microblading application. Using a special blend of carefully selected and blended organic pigments that matched her current brow color, I began the microblading process. With painstaking attention to detail, I created very fine “hair” strokes, working in layers until the thin areas were filled. The client was very pleased with the look and shape of her eyebrows.

I gave the client instructions for care and a special cream to apply during the first few days of the healing process. I also scheduled her follow-up session, a standard procedure for all my clients, to correct any irregularities in color or strokes.

To learn more, visit my PhiBrows Microblading page.

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