Significant Eyebrows to Compliment Amazing Lashes


Amazing Lashes, But Insignificant Eyebrows

A client came to me because she wanted fabulous eyebrows to compliment her long, thick lashes. Her eyebrows were somewhat shapeless and light.

PhiBrows Microblading

I prepared her brows, lids, and forehead area first, using a sanitizing solution. Then, I measured and charted the brow area for Phibrows application using her facial features as a guide. I carefully mixed organic pigments to compliment her current brow color and initiated the microblading process, creating “hair” strokes that aligned with the natural brow hair pattern until I achieved the desired brow shape. She was excited about the results.

I gave the client instructions for care and a special cream to apply during the first few days of the healing process. I also scheduled her follow-up session, a standard procedure for all my clients, to correct any irregularities in color or strokes.

To learn more, visit my PhiBrows Microblading page.

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